Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super Exciting Day!!

So I had a super exciting day. We were on the way to St. Louis today, and were listening to our favorite radio station, which holds a contest every morning at 8:30 called audio daily double. They play a clip from a movie and a sped up song clip and you have to get them both correct to win. We listen to this every morning on our way to take the kids to school, and often times I type the number in my phone just in case, but I rarely know both the song and movie. Well today was my day, and I won!!! I was on the radio and refrained from making a complete idiot of myself while talking to Mo and Liz, the d.j.'s that host the show. It was totally awesome and I am a big dork, but hey, it's the little things that make me happy!!


extemporaneous said...

Congrats!! That's fun!

What did you win???


Leigh Lear said...

A gift certificate to a restaurant and a free appetizer, I am so bummed I didn't win tickets to They Might Be Giants, which they have given away for their show on Sunday.