Sunday, August 28, 2005

Picnicing at the capitol with friends.

Last night, we met friends at the captiol to listen to a Middle Eastern band and have a picinic. It was a great time, we had lots of good food and enjoyed adding a little culture to our life. Check out the rest of the pictures on my flickr badge below.

Friday, August 26, 2005

WARNING!! T.V. Might Be Harmful To Your Health

So last night I was flipping through channels watching absolutely nothing on t.v., because nothing is on, it's summer and I have what some people call "Country Cable", which is to say I pay more for my Tivo than I do for my cable and get very few channels. The only reason we got cable is because our bunny ears stopped getting ABC and we couldn't watch our shows, so we had to break down and get cable. Well anyway, I was flipping and watching a couple shows at a time when I came upon Being Bobby Brown. I thought he was in jail or something, and I certainly thought that he and Whitney Houston were over. Much to my surprise, though, they are very much together and he is not in jail, he has his own reality show. It's sort of like the Ozzbornes in that it just follows them around a bit. I really believe that I lost actual brain cells during the few moments I watched. I didn't sit down and watch the whole show you see I am a flipper, I pride myself on the ability to watch three, sometimes four shows at a time, so I did not see this in its entirety. The few times I flipped back to it though, it was Bobby or Whitney talking about crap, and I mean that in the literal sense. It showed them at restaurants, meetings, in studios, all of these fine upstanding places and they were farting and talking about taking a dump. The saddest part of it all was the scenes when their daughter was in it. Here's Whitney Houston, the has been diva blaming one her farts on her daughter, much to her daughters mortified embarassment. It was awful and I just couldn't stop thinking about it last night. What has the world come to that we are watching drug addicts that beat up on one another and crap their pants in public places and call that entertainment. It almost makes me want to get rid of my cable all together.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Got Corn??

As sad as this may be my youngest son just had his first ear of corn the other night for dinner. I don't know if it is because he's trying to get a new tooth or if it was so darn good he didn't want to let go, but it made for a great picture.

First Day Of School!!

Sorry it has taken so long to document this glorious day, but I've been so busy getting back into the swing of things. My daughter started her first day of fourth grade Monday and we've been moving and grooving ever since. My middle child starts three days a week pre-school in two weeks and then maybe we will slow back into the routine of running children everywhere. My daughter is not nearly as excited about starting school as she used to be, but then again only two of her friends are in her class this year and it's like starting over, she doesn't know anyone. Her boyfriend" is also not in her class, which is causing a major uproar in the fourth grade frenzy of boyfriends and girlfriends. I'm confident that she will get back in the social circle soon, though. I asked her why it even mattered if she had a boyfriend, it's not like she can go on dates or anything. And her reply was priceless, she said, "Yeah, we can't even kiss or hold hands in fourth grade", good to know she's learning something.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


So once a year my husband gets his beloved birthday cheesecake. This just happened to be last week and once again I made the cheesecake. It all started like 7 or 8 years ago when we were dating, I made this cheesecake for him for his birthday, and he loved it and said that's all he ever wanted for his birthday for the rest of his life. Now I can cook, it's my thing, I grew up with a wonderful mother that can cook anything so it just comes naturally. And since that fated day years ago, I have made several really good cheesecakes, but this chocolate swirled one is the cheesecake of choice. I don't know if it is because I make them once a year or if maybe I just really don't love cheesecake, but it's getting to the point that I don't even like the stinkn' cheesecake. So I slave over this thing once a year and have one piece and if the kids are lucky, they get one piece, but that's it he doesn't share with anyone else. In fact next year I'm not even sure he'll let me invite his parents, because that's two less pieces of cheesecake for him. I guess it's his party and he can share his cake if he wants to...or maybe have his cake and eat it too...oh whatever Happy Birthday Honey!

Friday, August 19, 2005


So a friend of mine has been splogged, which up until yesterday I really didn't get what that was. I learned from a friends blog that spam +blog = splog and I was like what??, but now I know. She got some crazy comment from some total stranger that was kind of like an advertisement but weirder. Maybe I embarked on a too big an adventure with this blog. I'm not real technical and I certainly don't want to deal with spam and viruses and all that junk. Hopefully a solution will be found to help out all us simple folk that are just trying to have a little fun with the web.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

72nd Annual Homecoming!

We spent last week at my parents house for Homecoming, which is kind of like a county fair, not football. We had great rides and lots of fun with friends and family. Every night was a late night, and got progressively later, but the kids were troopers and stayed up with the best of them. We had lots of homecoming hamburgers and all the other carnival treats, cotton candy, funnel cakes and carmel apples. It was great fun, but after basically two weeks of being away from home, I'm ready to stay for good. School starts next week and I'm actually welcoming the routine again, that and getting my kids away from one another. Summer was fun and I'm sure I'll miss the lazy days after about a month of school, but then we'll have the holidays to look forward to.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Brown water swimming!

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My son spent most of the time jumping off the dock, but when he wasn't doing that, he was letting his uncle throw him in the water.


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My daughter enjoyed dunking her uncle in the lake.

Relaxing on the boat

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Here we are tied to the dock watching those that brave the lake water swimming.

Boating fun!

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This is the most fun the babies had on the boat, notice were tied to the dock, which is why they were'nt wearing life jackets.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

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Are these girls having fun or what?

Mini Golf!!

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It was kind of hard to make a hole in one what with all the distractions, but both my son and daughter made one. I think we have some future pros??


Well we spent last week with my husband's family at the lake. We had a really nice place right on the water complete with dock and boat. It was a great time and the boat rides were fun, for those who enjoy the risk of water and huge oceanliners in your path. It was fun though to be with family and just kind of hang out.