Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cutting boys hair....

So I have two boys with hair that grows like weeds. If I were to truely get their hair cut when needed, it would easily be every 3 weeks, and thats pushing it. Jack's hair is so thick and straight, I just have a really hard time finding the right cut for him. Pretty much short is it for him, otherwise it just stands up everywhere. Ben's is a little easier, it has the potential to be long and shaggy, but that's just not who we are, so I try to keep it pretty short also. So here's the deal, I am determined to learn to cut their hair. Not really because we can't afford to spend $20 every three weeks, it's really more of a conveniant factor, it's hard to get them there with all our schedules. So last night I decided that I was going to cut their hair. Ben's is pretty easy, although you can't really tell I cut it, because I just used the clippers, I need a lesson on using scissors. Jack's, however, I went in under the premise that I would probably end of shaving it. This is what happens, I get to a point in cutting his hair where as Andrew points out it's a backwords mullet, very short everywhere but the front and then I just have to shave it. So Andrew's been after to start cutting his hair, too, and I'm like seriously look at their hair, I will never touch your hair, because of course Jack's hair is his dad's and that's what would end up happening, shaved heads for everyone. So here are the results, and for some reason Ben thinks he has to make these funny hand gestures in all pictures now. Oh, and his hair actually looks pretty good, it just hasn't been comed in the picture. Just and FYI, Jack thinks his hair looks silly, and I tend to agree.

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