Monday, February 18, 2008

Cleaning House

My blog house, that is. I have been slaving over my new masthead all morning, and it's still not perfect, but oh well. There are some things in Photoshop that I am just not good at, making new mastheads are one of them. I tried to do something a lot different, ended up doing something just a little different. I also changed the music, which I know is annoying, and I will be soon changing it again as well. On a different note, my husband and his man friends are cutting down trees in our yard that were damaged by the ice storm. He rented a big bucket thingy and is hundreds of feet in the air as we speak, cutting and topping trees. I know your thinking, it's quite windy to be doing that today isn't? Well he is swaying around, with chainsaw in hand, bravely confronting the elements, in order to save $2500 bucks, which is what it was going to cost to have it done professionally. I'm sure I'll have pics for you later, although, I'm not sure, it's really cold out there.

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