Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kick'n It Old School

And I mean really old school. I found Tiffany's I Think Were Alone Now on my music player and thought I'd toss it up for a while, oh yeah, and when I'm tired of her I'm putting Debbie Gibson up!! Brings back memories of Jr. High dances, spinning in that same circle with the boy you wouldn't even talk to during the day, but it's dark and it's your first dance, and it's Tiffany, so you give in and dance with him. Isn't it crazy, feels like just yesterday, and now I have a middle schooler going to dances, and lock ins at the church and it's just crazy how fast time flies. Sometimes you just want to make time stop, you know savor the moment. It's funny how in the moment you don't realize your making memories and then all the sudden it's gone, not to be thought about again for 20 years.

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