Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missle Shoots Down Satelite?

One has to wonder how bad for the environment this is. If all that toxic waste/fuel, whatever it is renenters the earths atmosphere, how good can that be for us. And quite frankly, what was it doing up there to begin with? This is one of those things, that while I am glad I know, I almost don't want to know. I really don't watch the news at all, any news I do get, comes from the internet mostly. I have my homepage set up with Google, and it has all the different news sites with the top stories, and today was the first I'd read about it. One would think that it would be a more talked about story. Then again, I guess you don't want to cause mass hysteria in the world.


djobe said...

It was a spy satellite that was disabled and falling back to earth, so in order to keep it from randomly falling and accidentally killing innocent folks, they made the call to shoot it down so we can know exactly where it would fall.
Environmental impact: it's smaller than a school bus, so not a real big impact--the toxic waste burns up upon re-entry (that was the goal) and it also gave a nice opportunity for the Navy to demonstrate that we can shoot something out of the air with a missile---just in case a rogue nation like say, Iran were testing ICBMs...they might realize that we have the ability to counter it.

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Leigh Lear said...

your such a smart ass:)