Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend at my parents

So I spent the weekend at my parents house, I hadn't been home since Christmas, which is crazy considering they only live two hours away but life has been hectic. Anyway, we went for a group birthday party for Ben and three of my nephews. It was a great seeing everyone and the kids had a blast. My dad always entertains them with fire and water and fish, you good guy things. My mom wanted me to take pictures of my niece while I was there, because she didn't have any for her wall and I had been meaning to do it anyway to get some older kids in my portfolio. She is 14 and it was her prom the night before we took these, so her hair was still curly from the fancy do she had. She is a knockout and was easy to take pics of, we will do a to be continued, because apparently there is grease on train tracks and she sat on the tracks for some of the pics and it got all over her clothes so we had to cut it short, but I did get some good ones.

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