Friday, April 18, 2008


So around 4:30 this morning here's what I'm thinking as I wake up to the whole house shaking. My windows are open and we live fairly close to the tornado alarm and it wasn't going off, Andrew is working, so I'm thinking do I call him maybe the alarm is broken. I thought it was just some serious wind. Jack comes strolling in, "mom why is the house shaking?", I don't know Jack it's just the wind go back to bed. A few minutes later it stops and I just think huh weird wind storm. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Andrew comes home and I ask was there some kind of tornado or something last night? No, was it around 4:30? I'm like yeah why, he says "all be damn, there was an earthquake, we had calls last night and just thought they were crazy". Who would of thought we'd have an earthquake in Missouri. I can remember as a kid doing all the drills and people buying earthquake insurance because they thought the New Madrid fault was gonna cause an earthquake. Crazy.

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