Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Holga Happiness!!

So I took my first batch of film in to be processed today. We will see if it turns out, I'm crossing my fingers. Hopefully there will some worthy of posting, but I'm not promising anything. What a total pain to get film processed these days. It totally makes me want my own dark room all the more. I can't even buy the film I need, I actually had to order it online, because nobody carries it anymore. It's so sad to me, the thought that film might actually become extinct in these digital times. While I am all about technology, believe me, I love everything digital, there's something to be said for the excitement of not knowing what I am going to get when I get the prints back. There's also something totally amazing about creating those prints yourself, which again, is why I think I just need to build my own.

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watermaid said...

I received some prints of my new grandson today but i think they've been obtained from a digital camera. it is nice to have an actual material object in your hand. Also, as you say there's the excitement of not knowing when you use a film.