Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Car??

So we have been looking at getting a new car. We've spent the better part of this week looking and driving several different cars to replace our minivan. Not that we have to, but it has a pretty hefty payment and we don't have to have the extra room now that we are down to just a booster seat for Ben. It is a very nice car and the kids love the dvd player and think that life will not go on without one, even though we have one of those portable one's that we can take anywhere. So anyway, I think we have singled it down the the new Jeep Liberty's, which is a cute little SUV, but get good gas mileage or at least the same as the van. It all depends if our awesome car dealer can find us a slightly used one, I say slightly because the one we are looking at is a 2008 and it is super cool. It has what they call a "sky slider roof", which is a fancy way of say the whole freakin roof slides back. It feels like a convertible, but it also has four wheel drive and to sweeten an already sweet deal, it will cut our car payments in half and will be paid off in a couple of years. Pretty awesome right, oh and it will also upgrade our cool factor from driving the mom mobile around for like 7 years. :)

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