Friday, April 11, 2008

Conversations with an almost 4 year old....

Our lunch conversation today was so funny I had to write it down. He really never stops talking, but at least it's interesting right? He was eating his pb&j and grapes when I sat down with my sandwich and Dorritos, being the unhealthy example that I am, and he of course wanted some chips. I obliged and we proceeded to eat happily. He then said:

"Mom, you should plant these chips in your garden....that would be so tool (cool)"
"Ben, I don't think chips grow in the garden."
"I know, they grow in the mud....hee, hee, they grow on the bird feeders"
"Your silly, Ben"
"I know, I was just joking"


jadey said...

Kids are great love how their minds think.

Marcia said...

Kids are great