Sunday, April 06, 2008

Great Day, Great Weekend!!!!

What awesome weather, I love this time of year. The weather is perfect the excitement of summer is just around the corner, barbeque's are a plenty. Time with friends and family and sitting around a fire. Life is good. We had a great and productive weekend. Saturday, Andrew cleaned out the garage, while I cleaned out the storage room. Then he and I went for a bicycle ride on the green way, however we did take a detour, which included five too many hills. Later we went over to friends house and had an awesome grilled dinner and sat around the fire pit and had S'mores. Today we did the church thing and then came home put the kids to bed and then I went on another bicycle ride, solo, this time on the Katy Trail, it is so beautiful. I am totally frustrated that I didn't bring my camera, but didn't know if I could manage both, as I was still pretty sore from yesterdays ride. I got a little worried when about 15 minutes into it, I started seeing vultures flying overhead, as if they just knew I would keel over any minute. It went great, though, I rode 30 minutes one way and turned around thinking I'd have 30 minutes back. In the future, I will know to take account of the wind, cause it took about 40 to get back. It was awesome, though, and I'm excited that I am getting back in shape before softball starts.

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