Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sicky, Sicky........

So I don't want to be a whiner, but I fear that's what you'll take from this post. Let me preference this with great stories from my past. Once when Jack was about 1 the whole family got the stomach flu at Christmas time, Andrew laid in bed all day, only getting up to puke. I on the other hand had to put the baby gate up, to keep Jack contained in his room whilst I ran to the bathroom to puke, only to go back and nurse and or change poopy diapers. So I'm just saying I'm no pansy when it comes to sickness. I have handled most things that come my way and just push through, continuing on my daily routine, cause that's what mom's do. Well last week Andrew got this cold, no big deal, he mentioned his throat hurt once. I think he complained about being cold a couple times, but overall, continued on with the daily grind. He didn't miss work or lay around all day, so I figure, it must not be that bad. WELL, this week, I have it. I started getting a sore throat around Tues., and I thought, huh, I must be getting what Andrew had. It sucks, and if there were any way for me to possibly lay around in bed all day, I would. I have chills and aches and the WORST sore throat I've had in my life. It almost brings tears to my eyes. I can't swallow, it hurts to talk, cold and hot things hurt, it just sucks, BIG TIME!!! Andrew's laughing at me tonight, because he says "your just mad, cause I handled it better than you", and while that might be partly true, there's no way his throat hurt this bad. Sooo that was my big whiney story, but I felt I just had to get it off my chest.

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