Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Thoughts....

So I have many things on my mind tonight and rather than compile them into one profound post, I decided to just sort of make a list of random thoughts. So here goes:

*Yesterday I made an amazing dinner of chicken pot pie, like the homemade kind where you boil the chicken and make the crust from scratch. To go with it, I made homemade rolls, and bread. It was awesome, both to eat and for my mental health. I decided that I need to do more baking/cooking, it makes me feel good. I was reminded of a Patty Griffin song, Making Pies, where sometimes all you can do is the day to day stuff, and just keep moving on. It was very cathartic.
*Today I saw two movies, one at the theatre with my MIL, 27 Dresses, I recommend it for a fun chick flick kind of day. Then I rented, The Nanny Diaries, another chick flick. I had really low expectations of that one, because I had read the book, but it wasn't too bad.
*I also have of course been spending way to much time on the computer as usual for me. I have a "Facebook" account now, as does my husband. It really is more of an educational thing for me, as I have a budding teenager, who really wants a Myspace page, which I have also. I have several nieces and nephews that have one or both of these accounts. It is amazing to read what they are writing and doing with these things. I wonder what forms of communication will be the new thing when my youngest is a teenager. I can't imagine making weekend plans based on a website. When I was in college, if there was a party at the park, there would be handmade signs posted everywhere. Everyone was invited, there wasn't a who's invited and who didn't make the cut. I also wonder if some of the stuff they are saying on these sites are things they would say to one another face to face. I know in my own little head very few people read what I write on this site or any other place I write. These kids, though, are experiencing conflict and whether or not they resolve it is unknown to me, as I am only reading one side of the conversation. It sort of scares me to think that my daughter someday soon will have people calling a f**ing b**ch, on a web space for all to see. How bout sitting down and discussing things in a more private way. Now I'm sure having said this for all public to see, my nieces and nephews are going to block me from their pages, so I can't see what's going on, but hopefully I'll still have the privilege of seeing this inner workings of teenage life. I feel better prepared for what's to come with this knowledge.
*I am feeling much better, maybe I am over this horrid sickness, that has plagued me for 2 weeks now. Thanks for all your concern.
*As a result of my husband working the night shift I've started writing totally random stuff out of sheer boredom. Because I know all of you are dying to know the inner workings of my brain.


Anonymous said...

very good post, I like the randomness it is the way I think. Love you your husband.

Sarah Andrews said...

I read your blog everyday - no matter what! And I think it's about the sweetest thing that A wrote a comment!

Lottie said...

your brain reads like mine :)

scattered and coherent all at once!

I agree that all this facebook/myspace etc... makes bullying almost 'easier' for want of a better phrase.

I'm jealous, I wish I could make pastry.