Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So we are in the fourth week of Andrew's recent career change. He is loving life as a police officer, has already in his short time with the force dealt with a dead body and several arrests and car wrecks. Ah the joy of serving and protecting. Seriously, though, he loves it and is doing great. The real challenge has been adjusting to his new schedule. He started on days which was a nice change having him home every night for dinner, as apposed to the school schedule of him coming home at different times every night. This week, though, he started nights, going in after the kids go to bed and coming home when they wake up. It has been an adjustment to say the least. I thought the hardest part would be being at home alone during the night, which don't get me wrong, I hate, but actually I think it's harder to get used to him being home all day. He comes home, eats and we take the kids to school. He takes a different route, which my youngest quickly points out. We are the first ones to get to school, because he is notoriously early. Then we hang out and try to find stuff to do before he goes to bed for a while. As I said, this is his first week, and we are still figuring it all out. I'm sure his sleep schedule will change, as will our life schedule, but right now we are just trying to enjoy our time together and find some sort of normalcy in our routine. Change is a crazy thing, some people thrive on it, move from house to house, job to job, and have no problems adjusting. I however am not one of those, and every little change in our schedule, routine, well really life, has a major effect on me. I am learning to adjust and trying to become a better person for it, because as we all know life is change, and nothing ever stays the same. I'm including a pic of Andrew's graduation, however it's by far the worst pic on my blog. Someone else took the picture and clearly didn't know how to use the camera, so forgive me.

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