Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Softball season is here....

And man am I sore. It is quite sad and pathetic how sore I am from just one game, but it's true. We had our first game of the season and I got my old position of first base back, last year I mostly played second, and it was nice. I caught almost every ball that came my way, minus a couple of out of control ones, and I hit every ball that was pitched to me. Unfortunately, I didn't make it on base for all of them, got picked off a couple of times. Man, my first hit was great though, and I had a blast. It's frustrating, though, every year I promise to be in shape before the season starts, and every year I fail. My back is sore from swinging the bat, and my legs are sore from actually having to run the bases. It sucks getting old, and it sucks even more that I am the oldest one on the team. Good times:)

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