Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lisa Loeb Rocks!!

So I have this new website for my photography business and I was wanting to put some really good music on there, you know not just the stock generic stuff. Anyway, I'm a big Lisa Loeb fan and she has this awesome children's cd called "Catch The Moon" and I thought, "what's the worst that could happen, she'll say no". So I went to her website, emailed her people and asked if I could use her song on my site, and SHE SAID YES!!! It's actually a really great album, especially for a kid's cd. Click on the pic and you can head over to Barnes & Noble to buy it. Isn't that the coolest. I feel so cool now, I'm so glad I did it, you know it just goes to show sometimes in life you have to take a little risk.

1 comment:

paisley said...

omg... it is gorgeous,, and professional??? i would say so ... dang... i am so jealous... your photos of course are amazing,, and lisa's song is the perfect compliment!!! well gone girl!!!!!!