Friday, May 30, 2008

Scene's from summer....

Sometimes it's the joy in the little things that gets you through the day. We've had a pretty good week so far being out of school for summer. I was a little frustrated in the beginning of the week because of all the bickering, but I guess I just have to entertain them. We painted a great big card board box yesterday, which the kids loved. I put it in the driveway, gave them the paint and said have at it. Then we washed my car, and played water guns and water balloons. It was a great day and today has been much of the same, Popsicles and water balloons, lunch outside on the patio, we'll make this summer fun for sure. I guess next I'm gonna have to bravely put on a swimsuit, despite my weight gain, and head to the pool. WooHoo!! Summer!!

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