Friday, May 23, 2008

a girl, a phone, an and aging old mom....

That's what I feel like when I look at these pictures. Maddison is one the phone pretty much 24/7 so I thought I should document it. I can only imagine it getting worse over the summer since she won't have that day to day contact with her friends. I'm sure we will have to make up some new rules regarding phone usage over the summer. On another note, I hate the picture of me on my new website, Andrew took it and my camera was set to manual focus and we didn't know it, so it wasn't very good to begin with, so I gave my camera to Maddison today after school and was like here get a good one of me. Well she did fine, although subject looks like she's got a few years on her. Dude, when did I get so old. WOW!! do ya see the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth?? I can't believe this is me and not only that, I have seriously gained weight and my short hair cut accentuates that fact. Anyway, wonder which one you thought was better, if you want to give your opinion, be gentle, though.


Anonymous said...

You are not old!!!
The first pic is the better of the two it looks a whole lot more like the girl I know and love. Love the honesty in your post we are gonna have a great summer!!!

Anonymous said...

I like them both! I saw no wrinkles and I think you are just cute as can be!



Leigh Lear said...

Heather, thanks, your so nice, and Jess your just saying that because your only a year behind me.

Gayla said...

Nellie once told me to adore the pictures I had taken because there would come a day in the not so distant future when they looked soooo young and cute.... ummm.. yeah, Nellie is usually right and that was definitely true... But your pictures are wonderful and the hair is cute short... You're a doll... Think I like the first one also... G.