Sunday, March 23, 2008

We're Back From the Land of Magic!!!!!

So I totally underestimated my kids going into this Disney trip. My boys are notoriously shy around strangers and never once sat on Santa's lap, so I thought they would hate all the characters. Well was I ever surprised. Ben took on the nickname of "hugs a lot", because every character that we met, he loved and hugged with full force. I am really surprised some of them could stay upright with the amount of excitement he put into his hugs. Jack also normally shy reserved guy, got everyone's autograph and even hugged a few himself. Of course, Maddison had no problems, always the social one, enjoyed all the characters as well as the crazy roller coasters. We even got Jack and Ben on a couple of roller coasters, and I even rode the fastest one they have at Hollywood Studios and didn't die from it. We had a great time and will treasure the memories we made forever. I am sure to have more pictures as I get them all downloaded, but here's just a couple.

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Noah The Great said...

My dad worked at Disney World for 25 years. :)

I'm glad the trip was good.