Sunday, September 14, 2008

*Blink* and 13 years have gone by...

We had Maddison's 13th birthday this weekend. I am still not fully recovered from it, not only in sleep, but in my mind as well. I know it is sort of cliche to say it, but seriously, where has the time gone? When I close my eyes, I'm right back at my kitchen table telling my mom I was pregnant, I'm at college my life in a blur with an unknown future. I could barely make it through a class let alone think about what life would be like in 13 years and yet here we are, we've made it. She is a brilliant young lady with a passion for reading and music and friends. I am amazed everyday that she survived her toddlerhood, having done most of her growing around my sorority. Maybe that's why she's so smart, having been in college classes at such an early age. My only prayer is that we make it through this new era, this land of the unknown world of teenager. I want the absolute best for her and I know she will hate me for most of these next few years, but in the end I am confidant that she will come out of it a shining star.

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