Saturday, July 19, 2008

Canvas...yes or no??

I have been trying to get a picture of my kids that is canvas worthy and I really have a terrible time taking my own children's pictures. It usually involves many tears and too much bribery to even make it worth it. I can pretty much get them one on one, but put them together and it's like watching an Ultimate Fight, or whatever those things are. One yells at the other because they are losing bribery treats, whether it's ice cream, money or some other little prize I've promised, they of course all blame each other and fighting usually ensues. I even told Andrew after this little trip to the wildflowers, that I'm glad none of my clients saw me in action, they might never hire me. Anyway onto the picture, I am thinking this might be the best I get of the three of them together. So what do you think, there's nothing exceptionally good about, minus the fact that they are all three looking at the camera and sort of smiling.


extemporaneous said...

Although I don't know your kids, I think this captures their personalities (at least what I can tell about them from reading!)

I say go for it!!


Leigh Lear said...

Thanks, i think i just might go for it.