Monday, July 14, 2008

Another name change.....

So you know those people that have babies and then wait to pick a name for their child until after they are born. Sometimes the poor babies are in the hospital for three days without a name, just something generic like "baby boy smith", well we've become those people with our dog. She came home from the pound with the name Daisy, well we couldn't have that, totally cheesy and clearly not her given name so we decided to change it. Andrew wanted Max, so for the first day she was Max, but you'll notice I said SHE, and I just couldn't get comfortable calling HER Max, so we changed it to Harley. Well Harley just doesn't roll off the tongue like we had hoped and again, kind of a manly name. So yesterday Jack thought Charlie sounded good and could be short for Charlene, well again a boy name and we really didn't like it. Andrew kept going back to Fatty, and I was like that is just too mean to name her that, and we are going to get her into shape so Fatty won't always be fat, so I researched names on the web, thank God for the Internet. And.....without further adieu,....her name is Darby. It has a really cool meaning for a dog we rescued and it is a girl name. TaDa, Finished, I'm gonna go get her a tag today so we can't change it.

Darby - Irish - Name meaning liberty. This canine is always trying to escape.

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Imez said...

I feel you here. I hate having only one chance to name things. As a result I don't like my baby's name, and my cat is named "McKittrick." What the hell kind of name is that.

Your kids are gorgeous!