Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So this is by far my least favorite holiday. People dressing up, not knowing who's who. Complete strangers coming to the door begging for candy, and seriously if your not going to dress up, then why bother. My favorite costume of the night was a little girl at most the age of three, with mom, came to my house in a costume I can best describe as bloody bride, I mean seriously, three. What did they tell her she was dressed up as. We always have a big shindig, at our house on Halloween. Everyone brings chili and we mix into one big pot and it's the best chili you've ever eaten, and then you can't replace it. It's awsome, we had a really big turnout this year, loads of people showed up. I don't even know that I knew everyone. I'm sure my husband was in heaven, and don't get me wrong, I love having people over, or should I say I love the idea of having people over. Then everyone gets here, and I'm not really a people person, often times at some point in the evening I break out in hives. Damned anxiety disorder, why I am this way is beyond me, but I just keep having folks over in the hopes that one day I'll feel like joining in the fun, instead of sitting in a corner by myself.

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