Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Cards Part 1

So I took the kids after school yesterday to try and get some shots of them for our Christmas cards. Of course the moment I even mention with much bribery involved, the kids aren't happy. It was freezing cold outside and Jack had to go to the bathroom after school, so that delayed us by fifteen minutes. We finally get in the car and moving at 4:15pm an it was a race against the sun the entire time, it's amazing how fast the sun sets at that time. We literally had less than 30 minutes of shooting time before we had to call it quits and of course I really have nothing to show for it, minus a nice shot of Jack and a shot of the kids laughing at the approaching ducks that we literally had to run from at one point. Hopefully we will get another chance this weekend, and maybe it will be a little warmer.


Jess said...

Jack looks so young in this pic...I bought the same shirt for Cam great minds and little choice :)

Jess said...

Okay and I just noticed that I bought the other shirt for Dawson..we should get a pic of our guys :)