Saturday, October 25, 2008

My expensive hobbies...

So photography is not a cheap hobby, but so very fulfilling. I can't explain the joy I get from capturing moments in time forever. I have always loved it, both taking pictures and looking at them, I love digging through old photos in my mom's big old fashion ice box, which is where she keeps all the really old ones. So part of my addiction to this hobby is using film, my photography "business", is completely digital and I wouldn't have it any other way, but for fun I love to shoot film. Not 35mm film either, that would be too, easy, no I like medium format, which I take on my little toy camera the Holga, but last week while looking at the local Goodwill store, I found an old Polaroid, for $3.00. I knew when I purchased it, Polaroid had stopped producing film for their instant cameras this year, but I knew nothing about the particular model I found. As it turns out, I can get 600 film for it and rig my camera so it will work with it, even though the 600 film is way faster than the sx-70 which is what the camera originally took and is impossible to get. None the less, I spent $18 for a ten pack of film for this little guy and I had so much fun playing with it. I love that my kids get to experience this art, before it is completely obsolete. I have some shots from our nature walk we went of a few weeks ago with the Holga, and one from a fun "adults only" night at the winery a little while back. I love the look this camera gives you, but again with the money, it cost me $10 bucks to get this film developed, and put on a cd, not prints....crazy isn't it.

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