Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time for T.V.

Has anyone else noticed that T.V. has gotten awful. It used to be that we had a show that we liked to watch every night, not that I'm saying that's a good thing, but at least we had options. This week has been a particularly bad week, because even the shows we do watch were stupid. The West Wing was silly, who cares about a live debate between two not real candidates. Although, I have to admit, Andrew had to remind me during one of the candidates ranting that it wasn't real. Hey what can I say they had some good points. The CSI's are getting a little too, watch me I'm the star, who cares about plot. Really the only good show on right now is Grey's Anatomy, which I look forward to all week long. Maybe the reason blogging has become so popular is because there's nothing on T.V. worth wasting our time, but scroll through some blog roll and you can find some really great pieces to read or even look at. Some of my favorite blogs are the one's that are strictly photography.

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