Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ER bound!

My youngest son is 17 months old going on invincible. He climbs up things, out of things, onto things. All of these things are tall, narrow or typically off limits for toddlers of his age, but nothing stops him. I don't know if it's having older siblings or if it's just his nature, but this one's bound to make a trip to the ER for broken bones at some point in his life, probably sooner than later. He fell on his brothers train table two days ago. His latest bruise narrowly missed his eyeball and is leaving him with one heck of a shiner and yet he goes back for more. Just today he's standing on his tippy toes on the bar of a chair with his chin on top of the table, just barely holding on so that he can reach a toy in the middle of the table. They say boys will be boys, let's just hope this boy makes it to his 10th birthday!

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